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Camersoft Audio Recorder 3.2

Camersoft Audio Recorder could record all audio source of your PC to MP3
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Camersoft Audio Recorder is a useful application for recording voice or sounds from different devices, including microphone, video players, audio players and tools like MSN messenger, Skype and other programs. The program can be used to record conversations with friends, tutorials, music instruments or whatever you can think of. This utility is extremely easy to use and its graphic interface couldn't be more intuitive. To start recording audio, you just have to select the device you're going to use and then click on the 'Record' button. Once you've finished recording you just have to click on the 'Stop' button and the program will show you the resulting file. You can set any output folder to save your files to. By clicking on the 'Open folder' button, you will quickly find the recorded file. The only output format the application supports is the Mp3 format, which is by far the most popular format and is supported by lots of portable devices, as well as media and audio players.
Camersoft Audio Recorder is not a free program. However, you can download the trial version to see whether you like it or not. The free version will only save the first two minutes of your recordings.

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  • It lets you record audio from your microphone and from programs like MSN Messenger and Skype
  • It's very easy to use


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